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How to Use Regular Expressions (Regex) with Google Analytics

Are you new to Regular Expressions aka “regex”? I use Google Analytics regularly to monitor most of my clients’ websites. Its a great tool and I especially love setting up Goals and tracking conversions. Unfortunately, if you don’t set them up properly or are unable to take advantage of this product’s capabilities, you’ll miss out on some really insightful data. Some of my friends and colleagues asked me how to use regex in the past while setting up their goals, so I’d like to share what I taught them.

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How to Verify Your Company Without a DUNS Number

I’ve had trouble with this in the past; You just purchased a new SSL certificate. And not just the cheapest “quick” SSL out there, you opted for either a Premium SSL Certificate which validates that your company or organization exists, or better yet, an EV SSL (Extended Validation Certificate) which displays a green padlock icon in the address bar with your company name. During the next step, the issuing SSL Certificate company sends you several emails asking you to verify the existence of your company because its not listed in any government database or the Dun & Bradstreet database, a.k.a DUNS Number – what now?

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Canon’s Heart-Melting SL1 Commercial is Brilliant

I think there’s no greater gift to a parent than showing them you love them and appreciate everything they’ve done; stuff tears are made of.

I saw their Mother’s Day commercial video as one of their YouTube video ads and it definitely got me a little choked up. Clicking it brings you to their landing page showcasing their¬†EOS Rebel SL1 and PIXMA 13×19″ (poster size) printers.

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Are You Prepared for Your Career in the Web Industry?

I’m getting older. I’m calling all the new grads “kids”, making me an old guy on the block.

Its necessary this post is, Yoda. In the last year, I hired a handful of interns and some were good while most had their heads in the clouds; its not hard to see which ones lasted.

If you’re a new graduate of any New Media, Graphic Design or Development program, I encourage you to read this post. As an employer, this is what I’m looking for; basic stuff that lets me know you’re going to be a great addition to the team.

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