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Are You Prepared for Your Career in the Web Industry?

I’m getting older. I’m calling all the new grads “kids”, making me an old guy on the block.

Its necessary this post is, Yoda. In the last year, I hired a handful of interns and some were good while most had their heads in the clouds; its not hard to see which ones lasted.

If you’re a new graduate of any New Media, Graphic Design or Development program, I encourage you to read this post. As an employer, this is what I’m looking for; basic stuff that lets me know you’re going to be a great addition to the team.

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How to Rank Facebook Notes on the First Page of Google

Do you shop on Black Friday or Boxing Day? I don’t like going out on busy shopping days, especially Black Friday or Boxing Day (Canada). There’s too much to handle, especially when you think of all the news about people fighting over boxes and even spraying mace in eachother’s eyes – yikes! And although I’m one to go elbow to elbow with crazy shoppers, that didn’t stop me from shopping online! So this past Black Friday, I was price shopping online for a set of Knives; The Bay and Canadian Tire had almost identical sets of Cuisinart knives on sale and wanted to see if they were a good deal or not. And to my surprise, I found a Facebook note ranked 9th in my Google results page for, “Black Friday Cuisinart Knives”:

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Yahoo Shopping Results Empowers You to Ask Your Friends

Comparison Shopping Engines are gold when it comes to product research. They’re filled with all the information you need to make your buying decision, especially if its the lowest price you’re after. Product feeds that adhere’s to specific data structures that Google, Yahoo, PriceGrabber, TheFind, etc is all you really need and they’ll do the rest; some are free like Google & Yahoo, but some are not like PriceGrabber and TheFind – Upload it and let it do it’s thing.

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Free PayPal Fee Calculator

I use PayPal as one of the online payment gateways to process online transactions. At work today, we were discussing the additional International / Cross Border fees credit card companies like Visa started charging about a year or two ago. As there are several pages one could read to find out how much PayPal charges when accepting payments from another Country, I kept looking around the web to see if it was outlined in greater detail.

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Are You Seeding Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Its called, “seeding” and it has nothing to do with pots and plants.

Seeding is the process of writing reviews, “liking”, Rewtweeing products you promote on all your channels. Yes, a review is something you commonly associate with “other people doing the work for you” or the natural word of mouth promotion, but the truth is, people follow people, so we need to give them a wink that its ok to do it too!
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Increase Organic Traffic & CTR with Google Rich Snippets

Ever heard of “Semantic Markup”, the “Semantec Web” or “Semantic SEO”? What about, “Microformats” or even “GoodRelations”? Well if you have, you’ll know these have changed how we write up our HTML code forever. Well, I recommend you pay more attention to it because it most certainly has. Read this blog post to understand the benefits and how to implement this on your site so you too can increase your organic CTR & conversion rate.
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