Transformers the Movie

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July 5, 2007
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July 8, 2007

Transformers the Movie

The Transformers movie 2007 was officially released yesterday, July 4th. this Michael Bay movie has received a lot of publicity and I myself have done a lot of research on it because of all the excitement around!

For the past couple of day’s I’ve been checking out movie showtimes for the Transformers movie in Calgary (I usually visit for latest showtimes and reviews of new movie releases). If you really want to watch this movie in Calgary, you better be prepared to buy your movie tickets 4 hours ahead of time because they’ll be sold out by the time you think being an hour early at the theatre, like Paramount Chinook, will guarantee you a ticket and more importantly a great seat!

King Rosales
King Rosales
King is a eCommerce Manager based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He specializes in eCommerce development, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO and PPC.

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