How Blogs & Social Networks Killed Yahoo! GeoCities

I have a question for you, when was the last time your facebook/blog-reading exhausted eyes looked at a GeoCities website? If you don’t know what GeoCities is, or was for that matter, you probably won’t be in shock and have any understanding as to why I’m chuckling while I write this post. Who Is… Was […]


How To Make $20 Per Day With Adsense After Only 3 Months

Ive been blogging consistently everyday now for two weeks. But I haven’t simply kept it to writing, I’ve been working on the layout and design elements of my blogs; time consuming indeed. Last month, I wrote a post about How To Make $1000 Per Day With Google Adsense which basically showed you how to use […]


Twitter Over Capacity? – I Just Want To Tweet, Is That Too Much To Ask?

So there I was, leaning over my laptop keyboard, reading this great article about the upcoming Pacquiao vs Hatton fight. The post had a “Tweet This!” button. Naturally, excited to tweet this story I liked and wanted to tell all my followers about what I just read, I clicked it and surprisingly I got a […]


Making Money from Google Adsense Search

*sigh* oh Twitter… I’m going to call this the “value add” for my “Using Twitter To Promote Websites” post I wrote yesterday. Because after I wrote that post, I went to check if I had any new followers (yes, I know I have the Twitter Counter on my website, but it only updates once a […]


Using Twitter To Promote Websites & Celebrity Status

Although my Twitter count may not have the numbers to prove it, I started using twitter in July 2007. It was barely a year old at the time (founded March 2006). The cool thing about it is I was part of this micro-blogging boom at an early stage, but the problem was, who was I […]


SEO: SEO Debate – Text Links vs. Image Links

Text Links vs. Image Links. This is not a new concept. In fact, I debated about writing this post simply because of its elementary SEO level. However, The reason why Im writing this post is because a) I was recently tested on this SEO foundations level question and b) there are still many people learning […]

3 comments – My First News Publication Website Wins An Award

While I was studying at SAIT Polytechnic, I took a position as the Web Master / Manager for SAITSA (Sait Students’ Association) newspaper. I redesigned the look and implemented a content management system that won a 2009 Associated Collegiate Press Award. Read the Press Release Today, I just found out that the site I completely […]