Does Google Handle Backlinks with Google Analytics Campaign Tags Differently?

I have a new product page that I’m building backlinks to for the first time. The product page was published over 7 days ago and still doesn’t rank for its primary keyword, its part number. These backlinks are from a blog have a Google tracking code on them, “?utm_campaign=CAMPAIGN_X…”, etc. The product page URL is […]


Google Engage – I’m Approved!

Google Engage is a new program for Search Engine Marketing agencies and consultants designed to help you learn how to help you improve your clients success with Google Adwords. Unfortunately, the signup process, although free, isn’t designed for everyone and thus, they will not approve everyone. There is actually an approval process that involves waiting […]


Trada Review – Crowdsourcing Paid Search Optimization?

Would you crowdsource your PPC campaign? I didn’t know this service existed, did you? Well, a company called, Trada Inc, provides PPC optimization services and they’ve even been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, Business Week, New York Times and Business Week. They offer “”free” Paid Search Optimization through their system that connects you to a […]


How to Import Google Calendar into iCal

Google Calendar is a pretty standard online calendar tool. One benefit of using Google Calendar is if you love Google’s online tools, you’re only one click away from viewing your calendar. One of my bosses has tried many different kinds of project management tools. From free tools to going to a monthly fee tool, the […]


Download Droid Sans Font Free

Droid Sans Font is pretty smooth. The appeal for me is the fact that its a Google font used for Google’s Android OS phones; cool they made their own unique font for it. Do you like the Droid Sans Font? you can download it for free directly from Google or from FontSquirrel: [button2 href=””]Download from […]


Google AdWords Editor Updates Version 9.x

Google recently released new updates for Google AdWords Editor. Here are some screenshots of some of the new features and capabilities the new version of Google AdWords Editor (Version 9.5.1, Version 9.0)