New Media Production and Design Showcase 2007 Review

So once again, SAIT Polytechnic was host to its New Media Production and Design program’s Showcase. This event was the largest turn out of students and employers in the program’s history. For the first time SAIT Polytechnic’s New Media Showcase was split into two days, a Wednesday and Thursday. What seemed to me was that […]


Content Management Systems (CMS) 101

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought of ways to do things better; specifically efficiently and effectively. Today, I can say that building websites efficiently and effectively is part of my blood. If somebody drew my blood for a donation, I think HTML tags would puncture the tube carrying my blood to […]


SAIT New Media Showcase 2007

One of the great things about the New Media Production and Design (NMPD) diploma course offered at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is they provide students with great opportunities to help them find jobs to jump start their careers.


Web Designers Today

Anyone involved in the IT sector must keep up-to-date with technology trends to ensure they don’t get left out. With the case of the Web, as more and more people learn how to make websites, web designers must strive for excellence as competition increases. In my experience, its all about contacts and building a strong […]

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