How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Canon Lens in Canada?

Did you drop it? Did it accidentally tumble out of your camera bag like one of my lenses did? I can only guess that this is what happened to some of you. I’m gonna show you what to do in case something like this happens and how to pick up your heart off the ground; […]


WordPress: Remove Category Base from URL

For over 5 years, I had successfully removed the category base from my URLs using the Custom Query String plugin. The latest version is currently 2.6 and my pagination with WP-PageNavi stopped working when I upgraded to WordPress 3.8 and it hasn’t worked with other WordPress updates since then.

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Magento: Add Terms & Conditions Checkbox to Checkout

Learn how to add a Terms and Conditions checkbox to your checkout process on your Magento store. Having a site-wide link in your footer to your Terms and Conditions is good, but when you offer products and or services, having a, “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”, checkbox  can be a good idea.


2 Major Magento 1.8.1 Update Customer Login & Cart QTY Update Issues: Solved

Yesterday I updated one of my client’s Magento installations from 1.7 to 1.8.1 – I didn’t know I had issues until customers starting calling saying they couldn’t login. After I found the solution and fixed it, I found out from another forum thread there was another problem I didn’t even know existed.


Are You Prepared for Your Career in the Web Industry?

I’m getting older. I’m calling all the new grads “kids”, making me an old guy on the block. Its necessary this post is, Yoda. In the last year, I hired a handful of interns and some were good while most had their heads in the clouds; its not hard to see which ones lasted. If […]


SEO: How to Rank Facebook Notes on the First Page of Google

Do you shop on Black Friday or Boxing Day? I don’t like going out on busy shopping days, especially Black Friday or Boxing Day (Canada). There’s too much to handle, especially when you think of all the news about people fighting over boxes and even spraying mace in eachother’s eyes – yikes! And although I’m […]


Yahoo Shopping Results Empowers You to Ask Your Friends

Comparison Shopping Engines are gold when it comes to product research. They’re filled with all the information you need to make your buying decision, especially if its the lowest price you’re after. Product feeds that adhere’s to specific data structures that Google, Yahoo, PriceGrabber, TheFind, etc is all you really need and they’ll do the […]


Free PayPal Fee Calculator

I use PayPal as one of the online payment gateways to process online transactions. At work today, we were discussing the additional International / Cross Border fees credit card companies like Visa started charging about a year or two ago. As there are several pages one could read to find out how much PayPal charges […]

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