Baan Thai Massage

Baan Thai Massage

Baan Thai Massage is Calgary’s hottest spot for massage therapy

Baan Thai Massage, which also goes by its full registered trade name, Medicine Buddha Baan Thai Massage, is a quaint Naturopathy and traditional Thai massage establishment situated on the trendy 4th street SW (a.k.a “Mission”, which is known for hosting the city’s annual Lilac Festival).

When I first suggested a website project to the owner, he was quite skeptical about the ability to achieve a return on investment. I didn’t propose a quick website solution. Instead, I proposed a long term strategy that would enable them to compete at the top ranks for the top search terms, “massage calgary” and “thai massage calgary”.

But, to overcome one of his objections, I had to do extra homework before I pitched the numbers and learn about their business. Eventually, I was able to work out the numbers using the Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) calculations and project a revenue target based on new customer acquisition estimates from the website. Here’s what he had to say:

I considered the revenue projections to be overly optimistic. These projections have turned out to be conservative and everything King suggested that could be achieved has been achieved…

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