Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Advertising on a Website

One of my friends recently asked a question about making money from his blog by selling advertising space. He asked, “How many hits per month would justify selling advertising on my website?” Unfortunately, since I didn’t have actual web analytics data and only his website address to go by, I could only give him an […]

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How Blogs & Social Networks Killed Yahoo! GeoCities

I have a question for you, when was the last time your facebook/blog-reading exhausted eyes looked at a GeoCities website? If you don’t know what GeoCities is, or was for that matter, you probably won’t be in shock and have any understanding as to why I’m chuckling while I write this post. Who Is… Was […]


How To Make $20 Per Day With Adsense After Only 3 Months

Ive been blogging consistently everyday now for two weeks. But I haven’t simply kept it to writing, I’ve been working on the layout and design elements of my blogs; time consuming indeed. Last month, I wrote a post about How To Make $1000 Per Day With Google Adsense which basically showed you how to use […]


How Much Did You Make From Adsense Last Month?

A little while ago, I read How Much Did You Make From Adsense Last Month – Poll of the Week on Of the 63 comments (and counting), only 10% of them said they were making over $10,000 per month, 25% of them were in the several hundred dollar range and the rest were making […]