Customer Testimonials

“King introduced us to the notion of taking our small but reasonably busy Thai Massage business to the ‘next level’ as it is said. His patience and friendliness coupled with detailed analysis was met with reluctance and skepticism, I considered the revenue projections to be overly optimistic. These projections have turned out to be conservative and everything King suggested that could be achieved has been achieved… and achieved in the most professional and amiable way possible. We are deeply appreciative.”

Stefan Pyne, General Manager, Baan Thai Massage

King is a very humble and highly skilled person. King has designed my two websites and efficiently promoted my services through the internet. King is not only an exceptional webmaster and online marketing consultant he’s a master of the web and a great person! I consider him as a precious collaborator.

Jean-Pierre Darrigol, Owner at Versailles Inlays Inc

King is a talented Search Engine Marketing professional whose experience and expertise in this area far exceeds that of others in the field. He came up with a tactical approach to enhance online visibility for one of our projects and we did see some good results indeed. His understanding of the online marketing space helps him deliver tangible results on the client’s requirement. He is among the best and brightest I’ve encountered.

Celna Saran, Online Marketing Specialist at

Colleage Recommendations

King is well versed in the latest social media trends and understands how best to capitalize them in conjunction with e-commerce effectively turning traffic into sales. Well organized and thorough, King can turn your vague and ever changing business requirements into reality.

Wilson Hui, Manager of Web Services at BHD Instrumentation

King is very diligent, task oriented & creative person. He has a keen sense of what needs to be done and always adds creativity to it. King works well with others or by himself, is honest and pleasant to work with. I would say King is an entrepreneur & is very passionate about his work.

Tricia Henderson, Operations at Optimum Energy Products

I worked on a handful of sites and campaigns with King at Rare Method, and found his input to be invaluable to my projects. He conducted site audits for a few of my clients in advance of a redesign – his insight and recommendations for improvements were critical to the IA and content planning process. King also ran a very successful (and intense) paid search campaigns for me, for a mayoral candidate in the last municipal election. King demonstrates that he cares about the projects he works on – in addition to high quality work, I appreciated that he addresses issues (or possible issues) in advance, which allows the teams to plan instead of just react.

January Kohli, Account Manager at Rare Method

King is an SEO expert, and the kind of guy you might find working until 3am. He left behind a legacy of SEO practices that have been critical to the success of our organic search campaigns.

Andrew Forin, Media Planner, Rare Method

I have been King’s classmate and friend for several years. King is a very inspirational and motivating person. He has tackled any challenge and assignment with a smile. King pays great attention to detail whether he is working on a creative design or a technical project. He takes pride in his work, and makes sure that he delivers nothing but high quality product. He is very respectful, and he is always ready to help and share knowledge. Working with King on multiple projects has been delightful. I am proud to say that King would be an asset to any company.

Aleksandra Kar, SP Business Analyst at Suncor Energy

King is a versatile and talented individual who raises the level of work around him. I had an opportunity to work with him on a website project and found myself learning more about web development then I was in class. And today, I still find myself contacting him with questions related to new media and now, online marketing. He brings not only a wide variety of skills to the table, but level of depth not always easy to find in people.

Peter Mah, UX Designer & Multimedia Developer at Xpan Interactive