Rank Higher in Google

I’ve ranked many websites in the first position or in the first page in very competitive niches for professional services, retail & eCommerce.

Increase conversions

Funnel analysis and usability testing. I can improve your website’s conversion funnel.

Build an Online Store

I built my first eCommerce site in 2004. Since then, I’ve built and managed online stores with $12mm+ in annual revenue.


Customer Reviews

Stefan Pyne

“King introduced us to the notion of taking our small but reasonably busy Thai Massage business to the “next level” as it is said. His patience and friendliness coupled with detailed analysis was met with reluctance and skepticism, I considered the revenue projections to be overly optimistic. These projections have turned out to be conservative and everything King suggested that could be achieved has been achieved….and achieved in the most professional and amiable way possible. We are deeply appreciative.”

Stefan Pyne, BaanThaiMassage.ca, Calgary

Jean-Pierre Darrigol

“King is a very humble and highly skilled person. King has designed my two websites and efficiently promoted my services through the internet. King is not only an exceptional webmaster and online marketing consultant he’s a master of the web and a great person! I consider him as a precious collaborator.”

Jean-Pierre Darrigol, CalgaryHardwoofFlooring.com, Calgary

Celna Saran

“King is a talented Search Engine Marketing professional whose experience and expertise in this area far exceeds that of others in the field. He came up with a tactical approach to enhance online visibility for one of our projects and we did see some good results indeed. His understanding of the online marketing space helps him deliver tangible results on the client’s requirement. He is among the best and brightest I’ve encountered.”

Celna Saran, InsuranceHotline.com, Toronto

"Sacrifice" Motivational Speech Video

Sometimes, we all face extreme challenges in our lives and need words of encouragement, something to light a fire underneath you. It can be lonely and really difficult to pick yourself up. Speaking from my own personal experience of falling