“Sacrifice” Motivational Speech Video

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0ZzN6hxdzo[/embed] Sometimes, we all face extreme challenges in our lives and need words of encouragement, something to light a fire underneath you. It can be lonely and really difficult to pick yourself up. Speaking from my own personal experience of falling down and getting back up and falling down yet again but even further, its speeches like these that do help and I'll listen to them everyday... on repeat. Nobody is going to help you get up except for yourself. You're going to get knocked down, but get up fast and execute.



How to Dynamically Pass Data to a GravityForms Field Value in a Lightbox Popup

I migrated an old version of a B2B website I redesigned that used the GravityForms plugin for WordPress and a Lightbox plugin. In the old site, I customized a specific template page buried deep in its theme folder that used the WordPress loop to capture the SKU of the product and passed the value to a SKU field in the GravityForms form within a lightbox popup.


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How to Properly Delete All WooCommerce Products

There may come a time when you may need to remove all the products in your WooCommerce powered ecommerce website. There's just no easy way to do this natively in WooCommerce. I needed to do it because I changed the my product data XML file I was using to import into the site. It's pretty straight forward, but to do it properly, you have to make sure you're deleting all the additional data such as taxonomy, relationships, etc connected with all the existing products.



How to Display “In Stock” Availability on WooCommerce Product Pages

By default, WooCommerce doesn't display the "in stock" status or availability on the product page. While this is an expected standard for online shoppers these days I am still surprised why this is the case. Since I found the solution, I wanted to share it with you since I know you're not the only one who will find this little WooCommerce modification useful.


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Hide WooCommerce Layered Nav Filters in Categories & Subcategories

Layered Nav filters are a must have on your eCommerce website or easy to use online catalog. They give your visitors the ability to customize their engagement with your website to help them narrow down their product search hoping to find the one that matches their needs. Unfortunately, simply adding a WooCommerce Layered Nav widget in the shop sidebar leaves your categories and subcategories with product filters where you don't want to see them. Filters are generally used when you have a selection of products, not when looking at Subcategories.


Are LED Lights Getting Cheaper?

Imagine yourself at home with absolutely no light bulbs. I mean, empty lamp shades, empty ceiling light fixtures, no lights in your kitchen and no lights to welcome you home. But, thanks to the invention and further innovations of the light bulb, we bask in brightness and illumination. Light bulbs allow us to prepare and cook food ingredients not having to worry we'll accidentally slice our fingers and light bulbs allows us to read and write without straining causing us to go blind later in life. Do we take light bulbs for granted?



10 Best Tutorials On How To Make A WordPress Plugin

Developing your own WordPress plugin isn't for everyone. Heck, there's so many plugins out there, the one you build might not get any visibility. But, if you're like many web developers out there, you don't really care about the fame. You may just care about sharing something useful you created with the WordPress community. Some of you may even go on to sell thousands of licenses of your plugin and chill your developer bones in Hawaii several times a year; kudos.



Is Scotiabank’s Momentum Infinite Visa the Best Cash Back Credit Card in Canada?

When I used to work in the retail industry, asking customers if they'd "like to put it on their store card" was a common line used in every sale. That's because department store credit cards use financing companies like Wells Fargo which offer lower transaction rates compared to Visa and Mastercard. Unlike the past, today's department store credit cards offer customers incentives usually in the form of points, like The Bay.



How to Use Regular Expressions (Regex) with Google Analytics

Are you new to Regular Expressions aka "regex"? I use Google Analytics regularly to monitor most of my clients' websites. Its a great tool and I especially love setting up Goals and tracking conversions. Unfortunately, if you don't set them up properly or are unable to take advantage of this product's capabilities, you'll miss out on some really insightful data. Some of my friends and colleagues asked me how to use regex in the past while setting up their goals, so I'd like to share what I taught them.



How to Verify Your Company Without a DUNS Number

I've had trouble with this in the past; You just purchased a new SSL certificate. And not just the cheapest "quick" SSL out there, you opted for either a Premium SSL Certificate which validates that your company or organization exists, or better yet, an EV SSL (Extended Validation Certificate) which displays a green padlock icon in the address bar with your company name. During the next step, the issuing SSL Certificate company sends you several emails asking you to verify the existence of your company because its not listed in any government database or the Dun & Bradstreet database, a.k.a DUNS Number - what now?

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