The Best Place to Add a Search Box for E-Commerce Websites

Where’s your e-commerce website’s search box located? Does it matter? Why should it matter? “Form follows function”, is a well known methodology in design. But, how often does it really get scrutinized and put into practice? rather, how many clients put much thought into it? After working on both client-side and agency-side, you’d be surprised […]


Beginner’s Guide to Magento Themes – Part 2

I’ve been working away on implementing our current web design theme on one of our websites at work this past week. Magento is definitely not easy and the resources online are just as difficult if not harder to come by. Here’s a great and easy to follow tutorial from – This is part 4 […]


Beginner’s Guide to Magento Themes – Part 1

A beginner’s guide to Magento Commerce themes. Magento Commerce is the fastest growing open source e-commerce platform on the web (did I mention it was open source?). Through the years of my web development experience, I have tested many e-commerce platforms like OSCommerce (who hasn’t?) and even made my own (What was I thinking re-inventing […]