The Best Place to Add a Search Box for E-Commerce Websites

Where’s your e-commerce website’s search box located? Does it matter? Why should it matter? “Form follows function”, is a well known methodology in design. But, how often does it really get scrutinized and put into practice? rather, how many clients put much thought into it? After working on both client-side and agency-side, you’d be surprised […]


I Got SSLapped by Google Secure Search

Not even 5 minutes ago, I was logged into GMail when I got this application error. I retyped in the address bar and even pressed the refresh button because hitting “F5” multiple times didn’t work. The first thing I do when I think my internet connection has gone down is check to see if […]


Play PACMAN on Google!

Google is awesome. I pulled up Google search today and thought that Google had just put up a standard graphic image on the Google search homepage, but after a few moments, it transformed and things started to blink! … I moved my keys and discovered I could actually play! Here’s a video I captured the […]


Making Money from Google Adsense Search

*sigh* oh Twitter… I’m going to call this the “value add” for my “Using Twitter To Promote Websites” post I wrote yesterday. Because after I wrote that post, I went to check if I had any new followers (yes, I know I have the Twitter Counter on my website, but it only updates once a […]