10 Best Tutorials On How To Make A WordPress Plugin

Developing your own WordPress plugin isn’t for everyone. Heck, there’s so many plugins out there, the one you build might not get any visibility. But, if you’re like many web developers out there, you don’t really care about the fame. You may just care about sharing something useful you created with the WordPress community. Some of you may even go on to sell thousands of licenses of your plugin and chill your developer bones in Hawaii several times a year; kudos.

So, whatever your reason, here’s some of the best tutorials I found about how to make your first WordPress plugin. Good luck!

  1. Build Your Own WordPress Contact Form Plugin in 5 Minutes
    From Sitepoint, this one claims to have your plugin up and running in 5 minutes. Yup, 5 minutes. I don’t think its intended for first-time developers but for ones with some experience for sure.
  2. How To Create a WordPress Plugin
    From WPBeginner, they always have pretty straight forward tutorials, useful and easy to read – Hey, “beginners” is in their name!
  3. How to Create a Simple WordPress Plugin
    From WP Ninjas, how could any asian not be enticed to learn from these guys, eh?! Probably the simplest tutorial I’ve seen, or shortest, but that has nothing to do about being asian.
  4. Writing a Plugin
    From WordPress.org, you can expect this tutorial to give you the basics and the links to more information about the basics from WordPress themeselves. If you want more insight though, I found that lots of other resources on the web give you more.
  5. How to Build a WordPress Plugin
    From TeamTreeHouse, this is probably the most in-depth tutorial anyone will find online, but the catch is, its an online course… so its not exactly free unless you can learn everything before the free trial period ends.
  6. Beginner’s Guide To WordPress Plugin Development
    From Hongkiat, I’ve followed this blog since forever and they’ve fine tuned their website to know exactly what the hottest topics are. Their tutorials are always high quality and they do a great job with everything else. I think their tutorial is pretty good.
  7. WordPress Essentials: How To Create A WordPress Plugin
    From SmashingMagazine, if you’re a Web Designer, you’ll know who these guys are. They’ve got lots of top whatever lists and designers just eat it upppp! Not the best tutorial out there, but its on this list.
  8. How To Create A WordPress Plugin
    From ElegantThemes, if you’ve ever searched for a WordPress theme, you’ve probably seen one of their themes and even tried one out; the free ones anyway. This is an awesome tutorial and one I trust since they make themes and know their code.
  9. Getting Started with WordPress Plugin Development: The Ultimate Guide
    From wpmudev, this is THE most definitive guide to creating your first WordPress plugin. These guys are the best at what they do and the best part is, its free!
  10. Learning how to Create a WordPress Plugin the Right Way
    From Chris Lema, claims to know the right way about creating a WordPress plugin. I haven’t used his method yet, but I’m a WordPress developer; I gotta try it and test it.

If you like this list, let me know in the comments below. If you think another tutorial deserves to be on this list, let me know!


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