Magento: Advanced Magento SEO Guide

Magento SEO. Magento is an open-source shopping cart platform that I believe will do for e-commerce just as what WordPress has done for blogging. If you’ve decided on going with the Magento platform, then SEO should be one of the things to tackle right after your install.

Today, while I was reading up on Yoast’s latest blog posts, I came across an article on his blog about Magento SEO; some basic configuration and then some advanced SEO customization and configuration on the Magento platform.

Here’s an outline of the things you’ll find on the article:

  • Basic technical optimization
  • General Configuration
  • WWW vs non-WWW
  • Header Settings
  • CMS Pages
  • Category optimization
  • Products optimization
  • Magento Template Optimization
  • Optimized Blank Template
  • Headings
  • Clean up your code
  • Aim for speed
  • Advanced Magento SEO and Duplicate Content
  • Noindex, follow for non-content pages
  • Nofollowing unnecessary links
  • Canonical URLs
  • XML Sitemaps

Just like any website or blog, its important to have SEO in mind from the get go. I found this Magento SEO article to be really handy since I’ve recently started working on this platform.

Here’s the link:



  • Briana Malmstrom /

    Magento is now in 1.4 and the post you linked to is 1.2. Many of the items in it don’t work for 1.4

  • JMJDevelopment /

    Another good way to optimize Magento for search engines is to make sure you have well formed internal backlinks. We have developed an extension that takes the hassle out of this task.

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