Are You Seeding Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Its called, “seeding” and it has nothing to do with pots and plants.

Seeding is the process of writing reviews, “liking”, Rewtweeing products you promote on all your channels. Yes, a review is something you commonly associate with “other people doing the work for you” or the natural word of mouth promotion, but the truth is, people follow people, so we need to give them a wink that its ok to do it too!

People are looking for another person’s opinion, and if we can stimulate them somehow, even by writing a couple ourselves to get the ball rolling – its a common practice!

5 Years ago, it was just called Seeding. Today, its called Social Seeding and it not only involves writing reviews on products, but clicking like on our product pages, links shared on our company Facebook page, RT (retweeting) stuff we’ve shared on Twitter and rating blog posts your company’s Online Marketer wrote because you’re cool too!

I attended SES Chicago 2011 this past November and one of the topics I sat in was about USG, “Advanced E-Commerce SEO with User Generated Content” and I learned that on average, 80% – 90% of all online reviews are legitimate and the others were done by the company themselves; seeded indeed.

Its important, and you can help!



  • Joseph Chambers /

    SEOMoz is doing a webinar about all eCommerce. You should watch it with me and we can talk about it later? Its at the end of this month….

  • Product reviews are very important for an e-commerce site. This allows the customer to check the reviews and decide on whether to buy the product or not. Most of the e-commerce sites have reviews page where customers who had bought products can comment on it. This increases the rating of the product and hence its sale goes up.

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