JavaScript: How to Load Content While Scrolling Down Page

The ability to load your web page images gradually as a visitor scrolls down your web page is great because it decreases initial load time; their browser only loads what fits in their browser window size. This functionality is also known as, “Lazy Loading”. See it in full effect on (The first place I’ve seen it used and is still used today).

But, as nifty as Lazy Loading may be, besides the fact that your website visitors have less KB to download when the page initially loads, I’m wondering if it has any affect on SEO rankings? and does it have any affect on conversion rates?

How Does Lazy Loading Impact SEO, Conversions & Google Landing Page Scoring?

Lazy Loading is a really neat feature, but I do have some questions about the impact on SEO, Converisons and Google Landing Page scores (Organic and Paid Search). Does this only impact these things at the client-side level? Or can bots actually factor this in your page load speeds?

I haven’t testing this but, I don’t think search engine bots and crawlers pay any attention to the scripts that make your page content load as people scroll down and just calculate load time on the whole thing.

Here’s a list of tutorials and links to scripts showing you how to implement Lazy Loading on your site:


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