Are LED Lights Getting Cheaper?

Imagine yourself at home with absolutely no light bulbs. I mean, empty lamp shades, empty ceiling light fixtures, no lights in your kitchen and no lights to welcome you home. But, thanks to the invention and further innovations of the light bulb, we bask in brightness and illumination. Light bulbs allow us to prepare and cook food ingredients not having to worry we’ll accidentally slice our fingers and light bulbs allows us to read and write without straining causing us to go blind later in life. Do we take light bulbs for granted?

Why Are LED Bulbs So Expensive?

Lights bulbs are an important part of our daily lives, but we take them for granted. But, its important we make sure that all the bulbs in our home are working perfectly. Because we rely so much on the light that these light bulbs give us, rarely do we question the energy bill; most of us just pay and pay since we never want to be left out in the dark.

But because of the numerous advances in light bulb technology, more consumers are demanding for light bulbs that are more energy efficient and save us money. This is the reason why light bulb manufacturers today introduced LED lighting products.

LED lights were typically used in electronic devices and signs but never as a main source of illumination. But due to the continuous innovation over the last 10 years, LEDs are being used as the main source of light and people are replacing all their lights with LED light replacements.

LED light bulbs are making waves in the lighting industry because of their energy saving claims. This is guarantee is such as big deal with lots of homeowners because no one wants to pay expensive energy bills ever.

LED light bulbs help lower energy cost because they do not require a lot of wattage just to provide illumination. In fact, a 10 watt LED bulb provides the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent light bulb. That means an LED replacement bulb uses 83% less energy – Just Imagine how much money that could save you in 1 month. Additionally, LED light bulbs do not heat up the same way when in use so no electricity is wasted. Another benefit of LED light bulbs is they not only last long, but they have a warranty; just like your computer or TV has warranty.

Based on some studies, a LED light bulb does not require a replacement and would remain in working condition for as long as 15 years. If you are still using incandescent light bulbs during that time duration, imagine how many replacement incandescent bulbs you would have used and how much money you would have paid for your bills. It would surely make your head spin!

But why are LED light bulbs so expensive? It is actually the price of the LED light bulb that hinders most individuals from using them. With all the benefits found in using LED light bulbs, it is not that surprising that one bulb contains several very sophisticated components. These components, unfortunately, cost a lot of money to make. The circuit boards of these LED light bulbs are hand-made because its tiny parts are much too sensitive for a machine to handle. Since LED lights naturally produce bluish, and not white, light, the bulbs require a coating of yellow phosphor. This yellow phosphor is a rare mineral that costs a lot of money to purchase and import. With that mentioned, the long-term benefit that an individual gets from LED light bulbs are still huge compared to the one-time purchase cost.

LED Lights Are Getting Cheaper!

In 2013, we witnessed another great milestone for LEDs that not only benefited the industry, but more importantly, the customer, you. If you haven’t noticed, prices for new LED light bulbs and other LED lighting products have dropped up to 30%. Keep in mind not all LED products are cheaper. If there’s an LED light company that made one million products 2 years ago and still has 50% left in inventory, they’ll still be selling their product for the same price.

LED Lighting Rebates to the Rescue

If you’re lucky to live in more energy conscious states or provinces, your hydro electricity provider will more than likely offer its residential and business customers led lighting incentive programs that give you either a energy cost kickback or rebate coupons to save you money when you buy LED light replacements for your home.

Have You Calculated Your LED ROI Payback?

LED Calculator

Not sure if replacing your lights with LED lights is the right investment? try this LED ROI calculator and find out just how much you could save by switching to LED light bulbs.

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