Magento: Add Terms & Conditions Checkbox to Checkout

Learn how to add a Terms and Conditions checkbox to your checkout process on your Magento store. Having a site-wide link in your footer to your Terms and Conditions is good, but when you offer products and or services, having a, “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”, checkbox  can be a good idea.

 Step 1: Enable Terms and Conditions

Using the main menu, navigate to System > Configuration then on the left side menu, scroll down to the Sales options and click on  Checkout and just make sure “Enable Terms and Conditions” has “Yes” selected from the drop down.


Step 2: Create Your Terms and Conditions Copy

Now that you’ve enabled it, you’ll need to create the text and customize how your Terms and Conditions will appear on the check out.


Step 3: Test it!

The Terms and Conditions will appear above the “Place Order” button just before your customer completes their order. Its a good idea to test this out and customize the appearance; you don’t want to lower your conversion rate on your checkout page because you neglected something here.


Tip: Style Your Terms & Conditions Box

By default, the Terms and Conditions area is pretty plain-Jane. I used the following CSS selector to make mine look better:

Need Help Writing Up Your Terms & Conditions?

I found these helpful “TOC” generators, in case you don’t have time to write your own. I do recommend writing your own because you or anyone on your team with legal ninja skills should always be the chief editor for anything legal. As my own personal disclaimer, I’m not endorsing any of the following links, I’m just being helpful. Use at your own discretion 🙂



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