WooCommerce: How To Remove Product Reviews Tab

Product Reviews are beneficial to your ecommerce store because they provide social proof which is proven to increase conversion rates and additionally, they provide unique content for SEO. But, depending on your website’s needs, some people may not want to show customer reviews. If thats that case, open your theme editor: Appearance > Editor (BTW, […]


YouTube: How to Use YouTube Thumbnail Images

Many of us are really handy with Photoshop to create video thumbnail images for any of our videos. But, if you could save time by not having to create video thumbnail images each time, why wouldn’t you do it?


CSS: How to Create a Horizontal Screenshot Slider Div

I created a new landing page for a mobile app we were promoting. Since we wanted our page to come up in Google SERP and we had a version for iOS and Android, we wanted the landing page to be simple but also give visitors a sneak peek into the app just as you would […]


PHP: How to Check if a String Exists in a URL

For one of the sites I was working on, I had to create a multilingual site for English and French where the English version would use the English logo and the French site would use the French logo. The plugin I used allowed me to have both English and French versions on a single WordPress […]


How to Add Google Analytics Event Tracking to WordPress Menu Items

Google Analytics provides event tracking with the use of their code syntax in combination with their basic plugin. Since WordPress’ menu system is based on a core function, its better to use a plugin that gives you the customization ability to make it work in the menu. Nav Menu Roles is a plugin that enables […]

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“Sacrifice” Motivational Speech Video

Sometimes, we all face extreme challenges in our lives and need words of encouragement, something to light a fire underneath you. It can be lonely and really difficult to pick yourself up. Speaking from my own personal experience of falling down and getting back up and falling down yet again but even further, its speeches […]

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